Opening day of the pool is the Saturday before Memorial Day.  Closing day is the day after Labor Day.
The hours of operation are set to provide the maximum benefit and convenience to the members while, at the same time, minimize excessive and unnecessary expenses of operation.  Currently the hours of operation are:
Daily – 11:00 am - 8:00 pm (subject to change when school resumes)
Since the pool is a weather-dependent outside activity, we will close the pool during thunderstorms and keep it closed until 30 minutes following the last lightning strike observed or heard.  Please do not attempt to pressure the lifeguards to open the pool earlier than is safely allowed.
Members must be in good standing before they may use the pool.  Members are asked to please sign the register at the main entrance to the pool and register the name of any guest.
Guest Fee: $10/ per person 

General Pool Rules

1.   Lifeguards provide a safe environment for all to enjoy.  Lifeguards are required to implement the policies of the Board of Governors and, therefore, have the authority to enforce all rules and supervise the general conduct of all bathers.  Lifeguards may ask bathers to leave the pool in cases of blatant and obvious disregard of the rules.  In such cases, the General Manager will be notified immediately.

2.)  Bathers are not permitted to enter the pool or pool enclosures unless a lifeguard is present.

3.) Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult, 16 years old or older.  Non-member baby-sitters, while they are physically caring for members’ children, are permitted to use the pool in the same way and under the same rules as the member him/herself.

4.) Children who cannot swim the width of the pool at least once without touching bottom must be accompanied in the water by their parent, adult guardian, or adult baby-sitter.

5.) Persons having infections or communicable diseases, open cuts, or blisters are not permitted in pool enclosure.

6.)  Diving is allowed in the diving well only.

7.)  State health code does not permit food within an enclosed area containing a pool.  Beverages may be taken inside the pool enclosure; however, glass containers are not permitted.

8.) Smoking is not permitted within the pool enclosures.

9.)  Pool toys are permitted in the pool; however, pool toys may only be used in a safe manner as determined by the lifeguards on duty.  Toys such as balls, water guns, rings, air mattresses, etc. are permitted in the pool.  However, the lifeguard on duty may restrict the number or type depending on the number of people in the pool and the relative safety.

10.) Snorkeling equipment, other than a mask, may not be used in the pool except as part of an organized course of instruction.

11.) All swimmers must wear swimming attire. Cutoffs, dungarees, and Bermudas are not considered appropriate swimwear. Swimming attire must be in good taste.

12.) Running and boisterous or rough play are not permitted inside the pool enclosure. Skateboards are not allowed.

13.) Personal, individual radios are permitted but should be kept at low volume.


Diving Board Procedures

1.)  Only one person of the board at a time.
2.)  Do not dive until previous diver has reached side.
3.   Dive off the end of the board, not the side.
4.)   Only one jump off of the board prior to entering the water.
5.)  Non-swimmers are not allowed in the deep area or on diving board without supervision by parent or guardian.

Operation of the Wading Pool

1.)  Lifeguards are not stationed inside the wading pool enclosure.  Therefore, children must be supervised and controlled by the parent or guardian.  Parents or guardians may not leave children unattended in the wading pool enclosure.

2.)  Children that are not toilet trained must wear a secure swim diaper at all times.

3.)  Only small, non-rigid, unbreakable toys are permitted in the wading pool.